Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Friend, Sherman!

If there's anything or anyone I missed in Key West, that would be my buddy Sherman....
He was my playmate since I can remember and I will always remember him...

To tell you a little about my buddy Sherman, he's a 3 year-old Rough Collie. He had a sister named Essex, also a Rough Collie who was 10 sadly she cross the bridge before I left. Their Dad blog as well... this is their site: Key West Collies ... They're the first dog friends I knew...

Here's some last moments I had with him before I move here.

This is Sherman.

Sherman and I playing

and of course we like to play it rough not to mention, I love his collar that his Dad always want to take off Sherman's collar before we start playing.

this is usually what happens at the park.

 Thank you Sherman for putting up with my craziness I will always remember you my friend. Till we meet again.


I move to Pensacola


I look so serious!

I haven't been here for awhile. So, here's an update...

My Dad has gotten orders to Pensacola, Fl and so here we are...
My Parents bought a house with a backyard and so I'm a happy camper...
Right now, it's pwetty hot in here... not to worry though mom and dad are keeping me cool. I'm looking forward for winter cause they have been telling me that I would love it... I don't know yet what winter means but it sure does feels good....

Here, are more pics I would like to share with you all...

This is my Dad's parents house, I don't know what this brown thing is but it sure is shiny and I slippery...

In this picture you won't see it but it's raining heavily, mom wants me to go inside but I love the rain so much I just wanna stay here and get wet, Don't you just love the rain?!

 And here I am, tired and feeling so comfy in our own house...

There you have it, soon I'll post more and hopefully I get to do more....


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lazy Sunday

TODAY, oh well nothing much... just being lazy.
This picture sums up everything.

and oh...
 My humans found this downtown yesterday and bought it right away. I think its funny.

Since, I haven't shared for a while. Here's a photo of me while I was at the park the other day. 
Park was completely empty.

That's about it for today hopefully I get to share more one of these days.



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Juz' Sharing

Heylow! WAzzup?! How y'all doin?!

Nothing really exciting happen to me. I miss my daddy though, mom said daddy will be back  next week. So, something to look forward to!

Oh, and Mom bought me this cool water bowl, It really looks weird at first but I love how it can hold a lot of water. Mommy, knows best. She always buys stuff that I can be happy with... Yey!

a picture of me and new water bowl/dispenser.

Flashback Time:
Sharing a pic of Bailey (the Siberian Husky) and I. 
...Mom calls it Now and Then...

Bailey and I of May 2013
Bailey and I of February 2014
What do you think?

That's about it for this post and Hope you all had a wonderful day as always...



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great Day!

Hey there folks!

Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday cause I did.

First, I'm so glad to have found some new friends here in the Blog world, Very welcoming! I would like to specially thanks Misaki for introducing me to here Pawpals.

Second, my mom bought me a new blanket. I can't complain. I love blankets!

and Third, I get to meet some old friends today at the park. I'm so happy mom's off today. I get to play with my old friends Bailey(Siberian Husky), Larkin(Golden Retriever), Red(Black Lab), Cici (Choco Lab) and of-course Sherman(the Rough Collie),also met some new friends didn't get the chance to ask the names cause they left too early.  Mom also brought here camera so there's a lot of pictures that I will be sharing. Here they are:


and another me with my friend Larkin on the side.

I ask mom why I always have pictures and she told me she can't get enough of me. I mean seriously she will take every picture of me even when I'm sleeping. I think it's weird but mom said NO. Okay, here's more:

This is Cici. He's a Choco Lab and 11 years old. He's blind but very friendly.

This is the Larkin the Gloden Retriever he's also Bailey's brother.
Bailey and I, people sometimes confuses until they stare at us then they'll know we're different.
Bailey and I are just so nosy! lol
Bailey likes to run! and I mean run run run... she has beautiful eyes too.
Sherman, Me from behind and that black lab is Red.

from L-R: Me, Bailey, and two new friends, black one is Jack and I forgot the name of that little one, but that little one CAN RUN!

As you can see my wednesday is the most wonderfel day so far! I will for sure sleep very well tonight.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a pawesome night/day always.



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pawsome Day at the Dog Park

Hello There!

I'm so happy to report mom took me to the dog park today. I was so excited and so happy to see some old and new friends at Angel Paws Dog Park. I tire myself by running and wrestling with my buddy Sherman (the rough collie). Met some new friends as well. Buster and Salem, Buster was the playful type while Salem just like to sit and look, well, she's 9 years-old. Also, met a Golden Doodle, she's the same age as I am and she was a little bit shy at first but did play eventually, unfortunately, I didn't get her name. Maybe next time I'll ask her. I had a great time today plus my Ear Infection is GONE!

This is Buster resting, face covered with drools.
The Golden-doodle!
Sherman with his ball.

Sherman and I
That black dog is Salem.

There you have it folks, a summary of my day today. I enjoyed a lot and I always love meeting new dogs. Hopefully, my old friends will come back at the park cause I miss them as well. 



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Too itchy

Me at the Vet
Last night wasn't that good for me. My ears were so itchy I keep shaking my head. Mom, was so worried. So, earlier this morning, mom took me to the Vet. I really don't like going there it just scares me so much. We found out that I actually have an ear infection and not the usual one so mom has to do a lot of hands-on job to make my ear feel better. 
Now, I'm just resting. I wish we could go to the park today though, I miss my friends and I miss playing with them. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little Intro

Hello fellow Bloggers and Readers.

My name is Neo Grey. In case you're wondering, No, I'm not named from the Matrix.
I'm an Alaskan Malamute, I just turned 1 year old last January 30th.
Currently we live in Key West, FL. You might be wondering how I'm surviving here. My humans love me to pieces that they always make sure I'm comfy. I maybe a snow dog but I grew up here so I'm very well adapted to the environment. My dad is in the Military, so we move a lot and as a matter of fact we'll be moving next summer to Pensacola, FL (my dad's hometown). I've been to Pensacola though and met my dad's doggie brothers.

One thing I'm pretty good at is travelling. I love to stay as sleep while the car is running. My humans doesn't have any problems with me on the road.

I love treats, treats and more treats. I'm in love water and will drink a bowl in a heartbeat. I love to run whenever I'm outside. I also like meeting new dogs and play with them, however, some dogs just doesn't like me that much, so I will just leave them alone. Mom used to take me at a dog park here called Angel Paws, I've met a lot of good doggie friends and love playing with them.

That's all for now.