Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little Intro

Hello fellow Bloggers and Readers.

My name is Neo Grey. In case you're wondering, No, I'm not named from the Matrix.
I'm an Alaskan Malamute, I just turned 1 year old last January 30th.
Currently we live in Key West, FL. You might be wondering how I'm surviving here. My humans love me to pieces that they always make sure I'm comfy. I maybe a snow dog but I grew up here so I'm very well adapted to the environment. My dad is in the Military, so we move a lot and as a matter of fact we'll be moving next summer to Pensacola, FL (my dad's hometown). I've been to Pensacola though and met my dad's doggie brothers.

One thing I'm pretty good at is travelling. I love to stay as sleep while the car is running. My humans doesn't have any problems with me on the road.

I love treats, treats and more treats. I'm in love water and will drink a bowl in a heartbeat. I love to run whenever I'm outside. I also like meeting new dogs and play with them, however, some dogs just doesn't like me that much, so I will just leave them alone. Mom used to take me at a dog park here called Angel Paws, I've met a lot of good doggie friends and love playing with them.

That's all for now.




  1. Hey Neo, thanks so much for popping by my bloggy! Great to meet you. You are very handsome.
    Little dogs sometimes don't like me either. I think they think I'm going to eat them, but really I'd like to play chase with them. But it's their loss as I play a mean game of chase:-)
    Glad you're able to keep cool in Florida.
    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures
    Misaki xx

  2. Yow Neo Grey iz a purrfect name fer such a handsum poochie!! me iz Nylablue...dere iz a theme goin on here!!
    So ya iz a travellin poochie?? Wow me admirez ya fer not beein scaredy-kat n sleepin in da car n stuff....
    MMMM treetz iz guud ya like Milkbonez or dem Beggin Strippy fingz??
    Yer new furend, Nylablue xx