Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great Day!

Hey there folks!

Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday cause I did.

First, I'm so glad to have found some new friends here in the Blog world, Very welcoming! I would like to specially thanks Misaki for introducing me to here Pawpals.

Second, my mom bought me a new blanket. I can't complain. I love blankets!

and Third, I get to meet some old friends today at the park. I'm so happy mom's off today. I get to play with my old friends Bailey(Siberian Husky), Larkin(Golden Retriever), Red(Black Lab), Cici (Choco Lab) and of-course Sherman(the Rough Collie),also met some new friends didn't get the chance to ask the names cause they left too early.  Mom also brought here camera so there's a lot of pictures that I will be sharing. Here they are:


and another me with my friend Larkin on the side.

I ask mom why I always have pictures and she told me she can't get enough of me. I mean seriously she will take every picture of me even when I'm sleeping. I think it's weird but mom said NO. Okay, here's more:

This is Cici. He's a Choco Lab and 11 years old. He's blind but very friendly.

This is the Larkin the Gloden Retriever he's also Bailey's brother.
Bailey and I, people sometimes confuses until they stare at us then they'll know we're different.
Bailey and I are just so nosy! lol
Bailey likes to run! and I mean run run run... she has beautiful eyes too.
Sherman, Me from behind and that black lab is Red.

from L-R: Me, Bailey, and two new friends, black one is Jack and I forgot the name of that little one, but that little one CAN RUN!

As you can see my wednesday is the most wonderfel day so far! I will for sure sleep very well tonight.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a pawesome night/day always.




  1. Hi, I've just popped over from Misaki's to meet you.
    It looks like you and Bailey were having a good laugh together!

  2. Bowsers, it sure is nice that one of my bestest pals has a blog. Now Angel Paws will get pawtastic coverage.


  3. Yow Neo!! How lubly to meet ya! Me name iz NYLABLUE Sweet Feet n me iz a Bluepoint Siamese/Birman kitteh who lubz poochiez! Misaki iz one of me bestest furendz on da bloggiez n when she told us 'bout ya, me n me Mum (Sherriellen) had to come over n intorduce ourselvez to ya!! Ya iz a BERY BERY handsumm wuud lub to romp n play wif ya!! Me Mum had a Mallie/Husky many yeerz ago named Bogart Sam n she getz all mistey eyed when she seez a poochie what lookz like him...(yah she iz mistey rite now!!)
    Anywho we wellcome ya to da bloggie werld n if ya want to pop by n bizit us we are at Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen's Purrfect Pad on Wordpress(phankz Mum fer spellin it propurrlee) ;)
    Hope to see ya soon.
    Yer new furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too!!!