Thursday, February 20, 2014

Too itchy

Me at the Vet
Last night wasn't that good for me. My ears were so itchy I keep shaking my head. Mom, was so worried. So, earlier this morning, mom took me to the Vet. I really don't like going there it just scares me so much. We found out that I actually have an ear infection and not the usual one so mom has to do a lot of hands-on job to make my ear feel better. 
Now, I'm just resting. I wish we could go to the park today though, I miss my friends and I miss playing with them. 



  1. Oh noes, sorry to hear about your ears, hope they feel better soon xx

  2. Stoopid ear infeckshun...try to take da meddysin n let yer Mum treet yer earz n soon ya will bee as guud as new ;)
    Take it frum an old kitteh gurl who nose!
    Yer furend Nylablue