Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Friend, Sherman!

If there's anything or anyone I missed in Key West, that would be my buddy Sherman....
He was my playmate since I can remember and I will always remember him...

To tell you a little about my buddy Sherman, he's a 3 year-old Rough Collie. He had a sister named Essex, also a Rough Collie who was 10 sadly she cross the bridge before I left. Their Dad blog as well... this is their site: Key West Collies ... They're the first dog friends I knew...

Here's some last moments I had with him before I move here.

This is Sherman.

Sherman and I playing

and of course we like to play it rough not to mention, I love his collar that his Dad always want to take off Sherman's collar before we start playing.

this is usually what happens at the park.

 Thank you Sherman for putting up with my craziness I will always remember you my friend. Till we meet again.