Saturday, January 24, 2015

Back Again and Happy New Year

Hello Paw Friends! it has been awhile... yes! yes! it's been awhile since we posted here again. To start out what has happened for the past months...

As you can see Pensacola is colder than Key West. Because of that I'm loving it... I would just stay outside forever. Here's a pic of me just chillin'.

I've been enjoying my weather here in Pensacola. I meet more people than dogs here. I guess mom and dad always knows more people here than in Key West. I like them though. They're very friendly to me.

Here's a pic of my dad's mom and I. I  just love her sooooo much... I love to cuddle!!!

and here's more pics of me...

Who would have thought carrot's taste so good?! yum..yum..

In my comfort zone with one of my toys.. this time it's chewbacca.
Here I am trying to wake my mom up.

Also, just recently... Pensacola, FL hit below freezing.... For some reason our Sprinklers pipe burst. and this is what happened... Icicles in the house. Pretty amazing, huh! Although, my parents weren't really that happy about it..

This is how our backyard looks like when it happened..

My mom and I

And That's all folks, hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Year! Till next time...


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